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September 2008

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In response to: http://blueaid.livejournal.com/59611.html

Exhibit A:

Berit pages: Hey.
Berit pages: Let's... talk.
Long distance to Berit: A'riste listens.
You paged Berit with 'Sorry for the pause, my SO came out with something, am all yours now.'.
Berit pages: I am not quite sure how to say this except to direct you to the Fort Weyr LJ community. I know this will likely.. be a shock, and.. I just really hope you don't hate me. I am.. so sorry, I didn't tell you earlier. I am.. really upset about it. I hope, however, that you will not hate us too much not to come along.
You paged Berit with 'Is everyone leaving?'.
Berit pages: I don't know? I hope everyone at Fort will make the jump, but I am not entirely sure. P'draig is there, D'kai, Paige, me, Sunniva, V'delin.. and then players from Ista, HRW, and Telgar is merging with all three.
Long distance to Berit: A'riste blinks. Why wasn't I told?
You paged Berit with '...So that's why you asked me about choosing.'.
Berit pages: It was the principle of: tell who will help, but don't bring too many cooks into the kitchen. I've been wanting to tell you all week; I've been agonizing over it, actually. Everyone got tired of me emo'ing over it, I'm sure. But now we're opening it to the other players, and not much else.
You paged Berit with 'So when PernMUSH comes back up, it'll be a ghost town at Fort?'.
Berit pages: No one wants to tell Igen, because Igen (Lanisa, Josilina) are friends with the wizards. Which is why I asked. I'm not telling you to make a choice. I wouldn't dream of it.
Berit pages: If all the players jump over as hoped, yes.
Berit pages: If they don't, no. P'draig will stay behind to teach any weyrlings that stay.
You paged Berit with 'And I was kept out of the loop because of my ties to Igen. :/'.
Berit pages: And as I say this, we are not finished. We got the bare bones up. We can still use your help.
Berit pages: Unfortunately.. yes. I wanted to bring you, but everyone kept saying 'but Igen..'
Berit pages: I hope that doesn't make you hate me. I really did have a hard time with it. You're so great. :(
You paged Berit with 'You had no problem with me, just the others. :/'.
Berit pages: No, no. It wasn't like that. Really. It was generic. Igen isn't in allegiance with the other Weyrs.. they've always wanted to be more than the others, asking for special priveleges, and even going outside of Weyr Council to contact the wizards. That's why people are wary. Everyone is sitting over there right now biting their nails, worried that you won't come. :D
Long distance to Berit: A'riste would miss everyone if I didn't go, but I like the bigger game and I like people at all the weyrs.
Jendel has connected.
Berit pages: I understand. Everyone from HRW is there, and Telgari are pretty much all transferring, and Ista is here pretty much as well, if you were worried about those players? Just Igen is not included. We would never hold it against you if you wanted to play on both games. I.e. A'riste at Fort on NorCon and then A'deth at NC, if the game ever comes up.
You paged Berit with 'This would have been an easier decision if people had not been suspicious of me from the start. I don't know.'.
Long distance to Berit: A'riste is aware that folks have a problem with Igen; I've been happy to let people deal with their disputes and leave me out of it. I like you. I like Fort. A lot.
Berit pages: I say suspicious in the most general terms. They weren't suspicious of you, specifically, just the Igen area as a whole. Which doesn't make up for much, but everyone at Fort really loves you. I can say that honestly. It's not a matter of them not trusting you. And really, it was mostly the outside-Fort players. I have to take my cues from the other WW as well, since we're the game staff and council.
Berit pages: And I'm not putting blame on them.
Berit pages: Because it was my decision in the end, based on the reaction, and I take the full brunt. I can understand if you'd dislike meafter this. I am learning by mistakes.
You paged Berit with 'I don't dislike you. I'm aware that there are folks elsewhere who dislike me, in good part simply by association.'.
Berit pages: They don't dislike you. Everyone on the new game wants each other to suceed. It's amazing how much we got done and worked together. ^^; If it makes you feel any better, each Weyr has autonomy.


Exhibit B:

My suggestions:

Transfers to off-game: Go with God, my son. No approval necessary but notification requested for bookkeeping purposes.

Transfers to on-game: If you can get a Weyr to take you, c'mon in. Same standards as for any other character joining.

Transfers between Weyrs on-game: Same as above?

Transfers from Telgar and possibly Igen, as well as HRW/Fort/Ista on NC1: Come up with a reason/fit into the plot as to the whys of the transfer if you're from Telgar/Igen. Approval automatically granted to a Weyr of your choice.

Or should we apply the same rule as above to them, too, to weed out undesireables? I think allowing them auto-approved status would make them feel a whole lot better about the venture, at least, and I doubt most of the /real/ undesireables would want to come because they have a good racket on NC1 already.

Url: http://norcon.spunsilk.net/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=13#p34


Tidbit on opening day timing; they did not want to wait until PernMUSH was up and running and folks settled back in. Since this was somewhat presented to me as, 'GOSH we just wanted to share with everyone now!', well.

Satiet: "[...] Rose: Made a +poll to see what people's thoughts Y/N were on opening. NC is slated to (barring no other unforeseen circumstances) come back up sometime this weekend. There's still some sentiment that opening earlier will legitimize us a little, but it also might make it awkward if we want to go back and @decompile our things when the game finally comes back up... XD"



In response to a comment made by Berit

*Berit pages: I understand. Everyone from HRW is there,...*

I beg to differ, dear.
Telgari are pretty much all transferring...

It's interesting to see how all this was sold.
That is why I'm posting this. If I have to see it, and others are being shafted or are being lied to, they deserve to see for themselves.

I may or may not post other conversations. It depends on what is said.

You have seen this, right?

I'daur: All right, crunch time for Telgar! I've called a weyrmeeting for 9 pm ET tonight where I get to tell them all the, er, good news about Gay stepping down, us moving to NC2, and Telgar shutting down. I think Gay is pretty pissed at me at this point for stepping on past her on my own, but with the time crunch we're under, I couldn't really wait, and she's going to be gone this weekend on top of everything else.


That said, those are the thoughts I've had so far, and talked over some with T'rev for some more ideas. Let me know your preferences, and if y'all have any more ideas, or thoughts on how to improve the ones we have already, let me know ASAP. Otherwise, I will flail around at the meeting and then make something up. XD
I wasn't aware that Telgar was shutting down, were you?
I was aware the plan was to shut Telgar down on the new game. Telgar was never in the running. Interesting, given the growth the Weyr has gone through.
I had not seen that.

The whole thing happened very quickly and I was unaware that the Friday deadline was a hard open - the impression I got was that it would be a soft one.

I offered up the chance for the admin/admin-to-be at TGW to fight for the Weyr, as I am aware of personal issues that might have struck Telgar from the running in the first place. Though I was told Monday that it was mostly under discussion, a day or two later it was too late and there was no interest.

I think there will be no surprise that I have not gotten along with the NC wizards very well in the past. I have tried to be balanced about it, but the fact is, I have no connections to the wizards that might have endangered the project. The last time we discussed the option of a new game, it was agreed that all Weyrs ought to be involved, and as I recall, we were looking at what to do with/how to speak to the Igen admin when NC went back up and the plan fizzled out.

There was absolutely no reason to keep me out. I was told I could come over in only grudging ways, and I have good reason to believe that my input would not have mattered. They dissed me, they dissed my plots while claiming my ideas were theirs. My 'friends' did not see fit to stand up for me or anyone else.

It's bullshit. And it's done. There's not much to do about it but to ensure that you protect your own fun - and just hope that dharma works.